Local Food. Local Flavor.

Since 1995 Locals know, Hammerhead Fred’s is the place on Panama City Beach for fresh, local seafood. Sure, you can find seafood all along Panama City Beach, but Fred’s serves up a difference that will keep you coming back for more.

They say “variety is the spice of life”. And at Hammerhead Fred’s, variety is served up daily. Fred’s Menu features a variety of signature dishes with a Cajun kick and spices that will thrill your palette. Whether you’re craving a sizzlin’ steak, fresh gulf shrimp, or even baked oysters with flavorful toppings, Hammerhead Fred’s has something for everyone. Watching your beach figure? No problem. Choose from a selections of crisp garden salads or even a warm bowl of soup.

But enough talk… it’s time to eat! Check out what Fred’s has in store for your next visit:

> Download Hammerhead Fred’s Full Menu